Adventures in Gouache

“Grey and Pink,” 9″ x 12″ gouache on watercolour paper. 2017. Prints and more available here. Having fun painting with gouache. We’re kind of smitten with it right now. It’s like the best of both worlds of watercolour and acrylic. But it’s a little challenging to make it not look chalky. More to come!

Pop n’ Lock Dance Machine Around The World!

It’s been a while since we’ve checked into this site, but not because we’ve powered down. Quite the opposite! We have definitely powered up. Since our Dance Machine hit the stage in Brooklyn at the Brooklyn Academy of Music, it has also toured in San Antonio, TX at the DoSeum and is currently running at Eureka! National Children’s Museum in Halifax UK! And some more exciting news: starting this November, Pop n’ Lock will be at the Buffalo Museum of Science in Buffalo, NY. Finally, we are crazy-excited to announce... Read The Rest →

Pop n’ Lock Dance Machine at the BAM for Teknopolis!

It’s like a dreamy dream come true. Our Pop n’ Lock Dance Machine is going to be part of the Brooklyn Academy of Music’s Teknopolis exhibition this March. We’ve got some sweet, new character redesigns and a whole new look to bring some extra BAM to the dances. NYC people, come check it out March 3-10!

We Did A Thing For Shark Week!

Wow! We’ve been so super busy with a bunch of great projects. Over the summer, we had the pleasure of working on a crazy project for Lunch that would air on Discovery Channel’s SharkWeek programming, and would then be displayed outside of Ripley’s Aquarium, here in Toronto. In a whirlwind few weeks, we went from agreeing to paint a realistic-looking 3D shark to sculpting a shark head and then learning how to cast a completely clear shark head that would be attached to an abstracted, lucite body and then mounted... Read The Rest →

Super-fun Secret Project!

We are bubbling with excitement to announce a project we’ve been working on. It’s super-secret at the moment, but we can tell you it has to do with one of our favourite creatures of the deep. We’ll be updating soon to show you a step-by-step of this crazy ride we’ve been on. We’ve learned SO MUCH from our process and from the people we’ve been fortunate enough to work with, and are so thankful to Lunch for having us on board for this project.

Happy Cat Lab Travels the World!

It’s been an amazing year for Catshrine. Our installation, Happy Cat Lab, has come back from touring China. For the past 7 months, it has been exhibited at Hebei Museum in Shijiazhuang, Shaanxi History Museum in Xi’an and the Chinese Museum of Women and Children in Beijing to over 100,000 people! Unreal. And now, thanks again to TIFF for including us in their digiPlayspace tour, Happy Cat Lab is currently being exhibited at the Minnesota Children’s Museum until August. Thank-you to TIFF for the opportunity to bring our installation to... Read The Rest →

LOLympics: Interactive Stop Motion Machine!

Above: Irene and Spencer stretch for gold at LOLympics speed skating Our bright and beautiful interactive, stop-motion installation is gaining momentum at TIFF’s digiPlayspace. We were visited by Suki from The Zone yesterday, and had a head-to-head speed-skating race! We also met with Spencer and the crew from Family Channel’s We are Savvy; the spot is set to air in May! And Breakfast Television’s Pay Chen showed us her crazy-good goalie moves.

Doggy Parton

I get endless enjoyment from human/animal mashups. Hope you enjoy this one as much as I do! If this Poodle looks familiar, it’s because she’s modeled after the wonderful and legendary Dolly Parton. Prints and other cool items featuring this artwork are available for purchase at our REDBUBBLE page!

Return to Painting

We spent months animating and digital-painting for LOLympics, which is premiering at TIFF’s digiPlayspace right now (vids and pics to come!). But now, we finally have some time to get back to our painting chops. I recently finished this commission of Ms. Kate Moss.

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